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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A house is set

All of us at Sidekick Homes are pleased to announce that we had a successful house placement at our Quitman site on November 6th. Starting at 10:30 AM a large crane lifted the first of two modules comprising the first floor of the home and effortlessly flew it through the air from the truck it arrived on and deftly placed it on the previously prepared foundation. Each of the three remaining modules followed the first above the spectators and easily found their place in the puzzle. In less than four hours the entire home was assembled and the crane headed home.

The modular process was a definite fit for this site. A narrow parcel on a developed street leant itself to the quick set up and short timeframe that workers spent on the site. Having the final home in place in one day meant the smallest amount of disturbance possible for the neighbors and the owners’ family in the existing small home on the property.

We had a fine turnout to see the house placed though the day was cold. The sun helped warmed about 75 people that came to see the action. We particularly enjoyed chatting with the neighbors and hearing their reactions. People seemed to take the street closure with good humor.

Sidekick was created with the intention to build small homes behind bigger homes to house our aging parents or adult children. Though in this case the process was reversed since the small home was in place and we added the main house. Even then the new home is small as well at 1300 Square feet plus the basement. We plan to follow soon with a small home in a backyard.

Owners: Katie Goff and Hal Scott

Architect: Kirk Stathes

Developer: Sidekick Homes and Kephart Living, Mike Kephart, Renee Babkiewich, and Janet Kephart

Builder: Milestone Construction and Eco-Infill, John Cianci

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