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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Better Living Through Downsizing

Downsizing to a smaller living space can present quite the logistical challenge. I have done so in the last year and after decluttering and minimizing my new home, I find it to be refreshing and actually enjoyable to live in a smaller area. There’s a lot less upkeep and the place seems more inviting and intimate for entertaining.

Here are some tips for making the most out of a small living space.

1. Buy shelves. Shelves can be added above doorways, in closets and almost anywhere in the home to organize your life and display your art or daily necessities.

2. Lighten Up. Lighter colors give the illusion of more space. Try to stick with light, neutral paint colors and keep the ceilings white.

3. Remove Doors. Swinging doors obstruct views and take up precious space. Room them completely or replace them with track or pocket doors.

4. Buy furniture that does double duty. Ottomans and couches now have lids that provide extra store space. Try

5. Streamline. Keep the paint color and flooring the same throughout your living areas and you create the illusion of more space.

6. Don’t forget outdoor living. If your living space is small and you have an outdoor area, treat it as an extended living and entertaining area and decorate accordingly.

7. Use the rule of threes. When decluttering your home, group your rooms’ contents into groups of three and select your favorite of the three and remove the other two. This is great rule to use when staging a home.

8. Utilities of scale. Almost every appliance now offers a smaller scale version. Invest in smaller refrigerators, coffee makers, vacuums, etc. to free up lots of extra space and don’t overwhelm a room.

9. Kiss. Keep it simple. Bold prints on furniture and window treatments close up a room more than anything and can be a distraction. Monochromatic design is easy on the eye and opens up the area.

10. Use bookcases creatively. Bookcases can double as tables, room dividers and buffets. Buy the appropriate size and height for your needs.

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