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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Importance of Knowing Zoning

Zoning is an often complex and overlooked component in the realm of housing and development.

Your local zoning law and regulations are an important consideration when planning any improvement, structural change or addition to your home. Zoning establishes standards for the size, location of structures; uses within structures or unenclosed uses; and required off street parking for allowed uses. The Zoning Administration reviews plans and permit applications for compliance with code established standards.
When contemplating adding an ADU to your property, check with your local city or town’s website to determine if there are any limitations on the size or location of your unit. There may also be height restrictions. Zoning laws are constantly changing so check your local resource regularly.

Denver, Colorado’s zoning resource site is:

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Denver Council Votes to Allow Granny Flats

In late June this year the City of Denver reversed a long standing ban on Granny Flats and included a provision allowing the building of new “Accessory Dwelling Units” in some neighborhoods.

Homeowners who have adequate space in their backyard can now build a small second home on top of a garage or completely on its own. Another family member or members can live there independently and, to make use of it when those people move on, these homes can be rented. It isn’t for everyone it seems, but only those whose property is zoned for a granny flat as a result of the new zoning ordinance.

The size of these homes is limited to less than 1000 square feet depending on the size of the lot down to as small as 650 square feet. There are other regulations governing location, setbacks, height and so on.

Sidekick Homes, a local purveyor of small homes, has seen a surge in the interest regarding granny flats in cities on the west coast and east all the way through Texas. City planners are realizing that the need for small affordable housing cannot be met through government funded projects and that ADUs are one way to allow individuals to house their own aging and less affluent family members.

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