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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Component Housing

Component Housing:

Sometimes it makes sense to build a home off-site and truck it in to assemble in place, for instance to get a jump on the short construction period in mountain areas. The components may include: A kitchen, a bath and laundry module, and one or two bedroom components.  These individual pieces can then be assembled in any way you choose. Our Guest Houses model is an example of one assembled Combination (I)  as a one-bedroom home.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Living outdoors and indoors

Realizing that a person could grow tired of the inside of a 400 square foot home without some occasional relief I designed this, the Pavilion Model Home, I considered expanding the living space into the spaces immediately outside the walls of the home. These spaces could have canvas shades above to shed the intense summer sun as well as the rain or even light snows. This is where an outdoor fire pit or radiant heater can extend the seasons for more available time to use this extra space.   Actually many of the initial models were designed using this concept. Just look at the Glass House and its beautiful patio areas, or Grandpa's Cabin and its long and wide porch.

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