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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get Ordinized! Your City and Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling unit legislation can be in your city and your neighborhood, but it will take some time and energy on your part to deliver the message to your neighbors and city officials. The city of Arvada, Colorado introduced new legislation a year ago and had their ordinance in place within a year with little to no fuss. The following is a six (6)-point process we recommend that you follow to ensure your best chances of success.

1- Build your story. You should read everything you can on the pros and cons of backyard cottages. We believe you will find that the idea is very family friendly. It’s where family meets neighborhood that needs care in crafting. If opposition develops they will become students of the history of ADUs as well and it’s best to be able to address all real problems.
2- Find an advocate on the city staff. Young planners are often the ones who write these ordinances for consideration of their superiors and politicians.
3- Find an advocate on the City Council or Board of Commissioners who will be willing to carry the legislation to the rest of their peers for consideration.
4- Talk to neighborhood leaders. Actually this should be done before anything is written or submitted for review to the city. Your neighbors are your friends and you should engage them in the drafting of the details of the ordinance. If you fail to take this step you risk making enemies of the very people who will benefit from this legislation.
5- Start with a good model code. Use the AARP model which is on their website, or use a local one from a neighboring city if their experience was positive.
6- Don’t rush it and be certain that everyone is heard. Misunderstandings on the subject are common and should be clarified.

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