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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Newly Published! Building for Boomers: Guide to design and construction

The day has finally arrived; our book is now officially published. Judy Schriener and I have had our heads immersed in the details for the last several months, capping off more than two years of research and writing, and now it’s time to step back and review our work. Although there have been radical changes in the housing market recently, those changes must be viewed in the context of the powerful changes the Baby Boomers have been responsible for over the last 64 years since they began to come upon the scene. And they aren’t done yet!

We reviewed our work late in 2009 to see what had changed in the marketplace that we needed to include in the book and found only the obvious; the market for housing was dangerously depressed. The dreams and wishes of Boomers hadn’t changed. Yes, new home purchases are being delayed and smaller homes may be considered, but the housing preferences of Boomers have not fundamentally changed. We acknowledged the extraordinary market conditions but felt our book was solid in its reporting on the lifestyle choices of Boomers.

You can find the book on and other national retailers. You can also go directly to the publisher, McGraw-Hill Construction. We hope this book will find its way to reference shelves in Architectural offices, in Development Companies, in Schools and on your shelf as well. As the subtitle says, “it’s a guide to design and construction”.

Mike Kephart AIA

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