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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in the Green Lane

Sustainable and Eco-friendly thinking has surpassed trend status and has become a way of life for many of us. Have you made the switch in any of your habits or in the way you live? Consider these simple ways to encourage longevity of the planet and support sustainable living

1.) Get moving. Walk instead of driving. Walking will help keep you fit, save you money and reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Use public transport when you have to travel or start a carpool with neighbors.
2.) Insulate. Insulating your home will quickly pay for itself in lower heating bills. Find out about grants in your area towards installing new or thicker insulation made with green materials.
3.) Repurpose. Restyle, recover or makeover furniture that is no longer to your taste before throwing pieces away. Learn how to make slipcovers for furniture from a library book or the Internet, or invest in a staple gun to easily recover headboards or reupholster dining chairs painted to suit your new look. Use your imagination and save a bundle.
4.) Buy loose. Choose unpackaged foods and goods whenever possible. Not only is this usually a much cheaper option than branded goods, it saves on all that unnecessary packaging. Select the refillable, reusable container over the disposable, throwaway one.
5.) Become an arborist. Plant a tree or several if you have the space in your yard. Better yet, plant fruit trees and you can enjoy the produce as they clean up carbon dioxide from the air.
6.) Detox your space. Use eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products or make your own from the recipes at Seventh Generation also offers an affordable line.
7.) Go by way of the biodegradable. Try to use recycled and natural products whenever possible. Avoid plastic as much as possible, as it accounts for a large amount of landfill waste. If you must buy plastic containers look for those with a label 1 or 2. These are much easier to recycle than those numbered 3 to 7.

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