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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Denver Granny Flats:

Can I build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), Granny Flat, or Carriage House on my property? The number of residential zoning districts in the new Denver zoning code and the lengthy regulations complicate the answer to this question, but if you can respond positively to the following questions it’s likely that you can add that little house in the back yard:
1- Does the zone name for your property end in a 1, for example U-SU-H1, or -----
2- Does it have a TU or RH in the middle of the name, for example U-TU- B?

You can find this information about your property and more by searching for “Denver Assessor real property”- then select Denver Assessor’s Real Property Records-City and County of Denver- Search for your address in the “Real Property” page that comes up- when your name and address appear just click them to display the details.

I’ll not suggest you attempt to go deeper into the regulations unless you are familiar with finding your way through complex zoning ordinances. The positive thing is that many Denver residents may now build an ADU on their property.

For more information you can contact Mike at or visit our website<>.

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