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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oil & Wilderness

Oil & Wilderness

The rhetoric against drilling for either oil or Gas on public lands is heating up in states across the country from Ohio to North Carolina as well as in all western states; of course the BP disaster in the Gulf has raised concerns about offshore drilling as well.

Here in the west we have our full share of sensitive places to protect and the Roan Plateau near Rifle Colorado is the latest. How can we allow an industry that has apparently taken chances with our environment at every turn, move heavy machinery and equipment into these areas with only their assurances that it will be alright after they leave.

But we do need energy, so will we build more nuclear plants instead? Would a nuclear accident such as Japan’s be even worse than spilling toxic waste from a well? Can we develop wind and solar fast enough to make a difference? Perhaps the most important question is how much are we willing to give up to preserve our wildernesses?

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