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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ADU survey

This is an informal survey. Please share your story. The questions that follow are only to help guide respondents. Use your own words.

Residents of an ADU: How big is your Accessory Dwelling Unit? What is the best part of living in an ADU? What do you miss? What have you learned that may help others?

City Planners and Community Leaders: Some cities have been disappointed in the performance of their ADU regulations. What's your experience? Did you have one primary goal? Was this goal shared? What has prevented achieving your goal? (or what has made it work?) I will release the results of my survey here and on other sites.

Neighbors of homes with ADUs: Has the ADU next door or down the street been a problem for you or your family? Would you welcome more ADUs? Have you considered adding one on your lot?

Please let us know your experiences by e-mailing or calling 303-777-6383. We will share all results with everyone.

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