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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tiny House surveys:

Tiny Houses are defined by the Tiny House Community as, “beautifully designed and well crafted dwellings of 400 square feet or less.”

(The following notes are a compilation of two surveys, one of those involved in the business of small houses and the other of consumers) The Tiny House Community conducted both surveys.

Tiny House Fair Survey:

When asked which workshops or talks people would like to attend, solar power options, along with toilet choices were at the top.

When asked which speakers they would like to hear, the results were unranked with 17 people listed.

The ranking on which products people would buy at a tiny house fair put plans and completed houses at the top of a short list.

Community Survey:

There were 616 total responses to the community survey with 53 owners of tiny houses and 563 hoping to have a tiny house.

Primary reasons for interest in Tiny Houses were: low cost, social aspects, retirement, green values, or parts of each.

Most people would like to own their Tiny House but many would rent.

When asked about utility hookups, assuming gas and diesel generators are not allowed, most wanted water, electricity, sewer, and Internet.

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