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Monday, April 18, 2011

Westerners want Environmental Protections:

A Jan. 2011 survey, Conservation in the West, a bipartisan effort, revealed truths that our politics has all wrong. 81% of voters in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Utah believe that environmental laws should not be compromised in favor of oil and gas companies. (as repotted in the Denver Post Sunday 4/17/11). Yes we want jobs, but not at the expense of the very reason we live in these beautiful places.

Mike Kephart

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Chernobyl, Home Sweet Home

80+ women live long lives in Chernobyl in spite of the danger from radiation, “Home” is that important in their lives? The men died long ago but some 200 women survivors are now outliving their octogenarian counterparts outside the danger zone. (The Today Show, April 18, 2011)

Mike Kephart

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forests dying

This is the alternative to letting forest fires burn. The reason we can't is that too many people live too close to places we should only visit.

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Urban Wilderness Forest Fires:

Why do we now pay more attention to forest fires? We pay more attention to forest fires because more and more people choose to live near or within forested areas, which are interconnected with our national lands. When fire happens, homes are put at risk and firefighters spend their time protecting people and their homes rather than controlling a fire’s progress.

There are ways to protect a wilderness Home, but when you complete the task of clearing all trees and brush within 50 feet of your house you will find your wilderness retreat is no longer in the wilderness but in a defensive fire zone liberally dotted with 150 foot diameter clear zones, about one-half acre each, with houses surrounded by dirt or gravel.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oil & Wilderness

Oil & Wilderness

The rhetoric against drilling for either oil or Gas on public lands is heating up in states across the country from Ohio to North Carolina as well as in all western states; of course the BP disaster in the Gulf has raised concerns about offshore drilling as well.

Here in the west we have our full share of sensitive places to protect and the Roan Plateau near Rifle Colorado is the latest. How can we allow an industry that has apparently taken chances with our environment at every turn, move heavy machinery and equipment into these areas with only their assurances that it will be alright after they leave.

But we do need energy, so will we build more nuclear plants instead? Would a nuclear accident such as Japan’s be even worse than spilling toxic waste from a well? Can we develop wind and solar fast enough to make a difference? Perhaps the most important question is how much are we willing to give up to preserve our wildernesses?

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mike Kephart of Sidekick on PBS

Mike Kephart of Sidekick Homes on PBS

Baby Boomers are changing the world once again. This PBS special, on the impact of Baby Boomers on all aspects of our economy, features Mike Kephart and Joan Therese Sievert.
Mike's interview highlights how boomers have affected the homes we live in and starts about 8 minutes into the video. Mike is an award winning architect of boomer developments and co-authored, with Judy Schreiner, Building for Boomers.

Here are the links, Just copy and paste into your browser, enjoy the show:

or here:

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